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The identity as internet users. Researchers of information. Music fans. Gamers. Meme fans. Practices of curating, filtering, reusing, circulating information.

Young people use the internet in a variety of forms. From research, to communication, to entertainment, information, education.

One important use of the internet for young people is the maintanace and esxtension of communication networks. They invest in time, motivation, sociabitiliy and identity.

In general young peopl are enthusiastic and creative adopters of the internet. They consider themselves experts on the internet very often regardless some limitations of their skills in critical and productive literacies.

How are they using the internet? In particulat hte kind of social and cultural networks they are part of it. What kind of practices do they do in the internet-mediated networks?

Particularly focusing on SNSs sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, 9Gag and the Google search engine.

How do cultural and social capital affect their interactions in those networks?

Why are they using those social media platforms? with what consequences? how? what are the practices they do here?

conceptualize the skills as literacies, describe the practices

describe frequency of use, time spent online, kinds of uses, expertise in use, specific skills online, attitudes towards internet use and so forth.

Convergence of social media platform and the web 2.0: focusing on the practice of scrapping web content : curating, recirculating, consuming. Active audiences and semi networked publics.

recombinant media practices online, reuse of information, appropriation, etc