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Interested in the sociality of media practices. Media and social life. Brings up to the study of media literacies, because they are very social, and very discursive.

I would like to focus on the materiality and discursivity of media practices. In the material and discursive aspects of this practices. I focus on them because they are related to literacies. Although there are also other aspects of practices that could be investigated I would not focus on that. By discursive I mean practices of reading and writing, of creation of meaning and communication. By material practices I refer to the specific uses of technology, particular access to devices. The two kind of practices are related to each other. This relation becomes evident when we talk about tools. It is an intimate relationship between discuorse and materials.

How does digital media practices shape everyday life? social and cultural life? H

  • How do the materiality of media, tools and technological choices relate to the expression of meaning?
  • How do the discrusive practices related to the expression?

Technologies allow distintinve social practices to develop. Technologies have affordances. Tools and technologies and their especific contexts of use, their social and cultural groups.