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Diversity of media practices made by Mexican origin latino/hispanic youth. Variations, nuances, differences among youth. Different kinds of participation. Dynamism of participation. Changes across different realms. Fluid identities. Depending of the identity and the realm, participation changes. Examining participation, agency, power dynamics across different realms. Changes in the media environment, doesnt' empower equally all youth. Even if they have access to technology, they are not as empowered. They don't take advantage of all the opportunities for participation. Missing some literacies and capitals that could make a society more equal and balanced. They do participate, and they do have access to digital media technology. In some realms they participate more than others. In order to be empowered, they need not only one literacy but a constellation of them. Multiliteracy is needed but they do not have all the literacies needed. Some serious lack of research skills, negotiation skills, collective intelligence skills. Very well develop in transmedia navigation, appropriation, play, performance, visual literacies. It is a more participatory society, but for some populations that participation, those opportunities are just there, are not taken. There is a lack of cultural capital.