September 1, 2013

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The texture of everyday digital media practices among a youth population that is not privileged. Describing the diversity of media ecologies and exploring how participation changes across different social and cultural realms.

I intend to provide a detailed description and analysis of some of the media practices and literacies made across realms.

  • Home and families : digital literacy in immigrant houses of mexican origin. (Participation in immigrant families, digital literacies as a feature of brokers)
  • Video production COP : new media literacies, visual culture, and social and cultural capitals. (Participation in afterschool space and peer realm) Several NML skills here.
  • Searching: using the google search engine and myths about the internet. (Marginal participation with internet infrastructure, poor literacies, doing homework) NML skills : jusgement.
  • SNSs and platforms: Visual culture and literacies : FB, youtube, instagram, and memes. (PArticipating in networked publics from the margins, as well as building precarious semi-publics) NML skills: transmedia navigation, collective intelligence, remix.