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* [[Benkler, Y. (2006) The Wealth of the Networks. Yale University Press: New Haven.]]
* [[Benkler, Y. (2006) The Wealth of the Networks. Yale University Press: New Haven.]]
* Castells, M.
* Castells, M.
* [[Networked individualism]]
== Networked Publics ==
== Networked Publics ==

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Culture is being transformed by how people use digital networked technologies for creation, circulation, consuming, and searching of media content. Although this culture is in transition, changing very fast, there are several attempts to analyze it and describe it. My framework for understanding this culture is multidisciplinary. Some basic concepts for this framework are listed bellow. How do we live, work, collaborate, create, and engage as citizens in the new networked culture society?


A different society and culture that relies in the logic of the network. Distributed networks as form of organization.

Networked Publics

How do we understand the liminal space between audience and publics? The concept of networked publics is useful for understanding the ambiguous contemporary formations of audience/publics, groups of people that have at both characteristics of audiences and features of publics.


Web 2.0 platforms. How old and new media interact, converge, mix. Understanding the agency of media consumers and as well the political economy of media corporations and internet giants.