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Identity as fluid Several scholars have argued that identity, nowadays is fluid. The changing nature of identities. How identity is constructed and experienced in the contemporary world. Giddens sees identity as fluid and malleable, rather than fixed. Identity is an ambiguous and slippery term.

diverse assumptions about what identity is, and about its relevance to our understanding of young people’s engagements with digital media.

- national identity, cultural identity, or gender identity, for example, we imply that our identity is partly a matter of what we share with other people.

identity is about identification with others whom we assume are similar to us (if not exactly the same), at least in some significant ways.

-Youth Culture and the Sociology of Youth concerned with the ways in which young people are gradually prepared, or prepare themselves, to take up their allotted roles in adult life.

- Youthful deviance

Youth—particularly youth in marginalized or subordinated social groups—are frequently constructed as a “social problem” or “at risk.”

- the social-cultural or developmental-contextual contributions of ethnicity in adolescent develop- ment.