Demographic Profile of Hispanics in Texas

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This profile contains demographic and economic facts about the Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations in the state of Texas . All analyses are from Pew Hispanic Center tabulations of the 1% Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) sample of the 2011 American Community Survey.

Second state by hispanic population after California.

  • Total Hispanic Population in Texas 9794,000
  • Hispanics as Percent of State Population 38%
  • Hispanics as Percent of U.S. Hispanic Population 18.9%
  • Native-Born Hispanics (Percent of Hispanics) 70%
  • Foreign-Born Hispanics (Percent of Hispanics) 30%
  • Mexican Origin (Percent of Hispanics) 88%
  • Non-Mexican Origin (Percent of Hispanics) 12%

School Enrollment

  • Number of Hispanics Enrolled in K-12 2355,000 U.S. Rank 2
  • Hispanics as Percent of All K-12 Students 48% U.S. Rank 3
  • Only English Spoken at Home 2087,000 (24%)
  • Language Other than Only English Spoken at Home 6710,000 (76%)