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  • Learning NEW Definition Code for any instance of gaining knowledge or skills

1. Learning out of school Directed learning that is not curricular time.

  a. Interests / Hobbies       NEW Definition     Informal learning environments. Any interests, including media, as well as non-mediated such as fashion, cooking.
  b. Extracurricular activities   NEW Definition Officially sanctioned school activities (formal / semi formal learning spaces)      

2. Learning In-school /Curricular includes comments on teachers, classes, homework.

  a. Academic performance and disposition     Code for participant's attitude toward being in school, motivation, grades.

3. Knowledge seeking NEW Code when participant describes actively searching out knowledge / self-motivated learning

  a. Online info search

4. Peer learning NEW Code when participant gains knowledge from peer networks. Can be cross-coded with other codes in **Peers starred node.

Notice - "School" code has basically been deemphasized to only focus on the physical built environment at the school.

    • Equity NEW Code when participant expresses a setback or a lack due to structural disadvantage (in financial, cultural, social capital)

Lack of access to technology in home NEW Money Lack of access to technology in school NEW Lack of access to instructional expertise NEW Lack of a curriculum NEW Lack of guidance NEW Workaround

    • Participatory Cultures

1. Media Production Art Blog / Web / Graphic design Music production Photography Writing Video game production Video production 2. Media Literacy Code when participant comments on their familiarity/comfort level/skill level with media. Code when participant displays critical consumption of media. Code when a teacher talks about its importance. Can be double-coded with Media Production. Different from media production in the sense that the student must actively comment on the shape or form of media, their critical analysis of it, or their ease (or difficulty) with it.

Notice -- these are all the production codes, just moved into an umbrella along with "literacy."

    • Future Orientation NEW Includes all statements on future life goals, including college and career (formerly Goals/Career/College)

1. Roadblocks NEW Code when participant expresses a desire for future pathway but is blocked, unsure, or can't get there.